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October 1999  
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The Ornament of all of Galilee
The Green Card
A 2000 Year Old Technological Wonder
Zippori's Importance
Who Was the Mona Lisa of Galilee?
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The Green Card
A Pass to Israel's National Parks and Reserves

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority offers a special tourist pass called the Green Card, which is valid for two weeks. There are two versions of the Green Card. For 110 NIS you can purchase a card that will afford you entry to six National Parks and Reserves. Or, for 150 NIS you can purchase a card that will provide unlimited entry to all parks. Both versions of the card are valid for two weeks and do not include the Masada cable car. Cards may be purchased at any of the parks or reserves. There are 65 National Parks and Reserves in Israel.

Park and reserve hours are as follows, winter 8 AM - 4 PM (Friday until 3 PM). Summer hours: 8 AM - 5 PM (Friday until 4 PM). Some locations are open until 6 PM during the summer. Check for holiday hours. For recorded information, you may call a toll free number in Israel, 1-800-546-666, or visit the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority Web site.


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For people interested in more than just the major tourist attractions. For seasoned and first-time visitors to Israel and anyone who dreams of one day visiting the holy-land.
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