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May 2000  
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Museum on the Seam
Mt. Zion Cable Car
Ammunition Hill
Givat Hatachmoshet - the song
On the Side - Spice Boxes
On the Side - Coffee etc.
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Mt. Zion Cable Car
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Museum on the Seam
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Gems in Israel – Touring Israel
On the Side - Spice Boxes

Hanna Bechar- Paneth’s workshop is located in the Jerusalem House of Quality (across from the Mt. Zion Cable Car). For years, she was known for her unique jewelry, but ten years ago she made the switch from jewelry to Spice Boxes. Her works are wonderful creations made primarily of silver and wood.

Spice Boxes are used in the Havdalah ceremony. The word Havdalah means differentiation (or separation) and the ceremony is conducted at the end of the Sabbath and holidays as a means of separating and making a distinction between sacred days and the beginning of weekdays.

The ceremony includes three blessings - for wine, spices, and light. Spices, cloves or any fragrant flowers can be used in the Havdalah, the fragrance is intended to elevate the spirits and enable one to begin the new week in an uplifted mood.

As you enter the Jerusalem House of Quality, turn left, and proceed up the stairs, until you reach the artists’ workshops. Hanna’s workshop is located in a corner, be sure not to miss it.

Spice Box by Hanna Bechar-Paneth, Silver and Ebony
Spice Box by Hanna Bechar-Paneth, Silver and Ebony
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