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December 2000  
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Pilgrims' Crossing - Guesthouses in Jerusalem

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Pilgrims' Crossing - Guesthouses in Jerusalem

The following is a list of guesthouses located in the Jerusalem area; most of these are located either in churches or monasteries.

The prices listed below are only estimates (to give you an idea) and should not viewed as exact prices, which may depend on the season as well as other factors. Some prices include breakfast and/or gratuity – while others do not. When making a reservation you should verify exactly what the price, you are quoted, includes.

Casa Nova A small hotel near the Franciscan church $60-$120 02/689-4370 TEL 02/628-2791 FAX

Christ Church Hospice 32 rooms in an Anglican church $21 02/627-7727 TEL 02/627-7730 FAX

Dom Polski 22-room hostel in a Polish monastery $35 02/628-5916 TEL 02/628-8652 FAX

Ecce Homo Convent 50 rooms in the Roman-Catholic complex $43/couple 02/627-7292 TEL 02/628-2224 FAX

Foyer Des Pelerins 42 rooms in the building that houses the Greek Catholic church $65 02/628-2023 TEL 02/628-6652 FAX

Franciscaines De Marie 30 rooms in a Catholic monastery $34-$50 02/627-6876 TEL 02/627-4828 FAX

Soeurs De St. Joseph 7 rooms Abu-Gosh Village 02/534-2818 TEL

St. Andrews Scots Memorial Hospice 19 rooms adjacent to the Scottish church $55-$100 02/673-2401 TEL 02/673-1711 FAX

St.Charles Hospice 40 located in the German Colony, inside a monastery $50-$90 02/563-7737 TEL 02/563-6078 FAX

St. George Hostel $50-$100 02/628-3302 TEL 02/628-2253 FAX

St.Thomas Home 26 rooms $30-$50 02/628-2657 TEL 02/628-4217 FAX

Sisters of Zion Ein Karem $45-70 02/643-7739 TEL

Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center 147 rooms $80-$150 02/627-9111 TEL 02/627-1995 FAX


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