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June 2000  
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Zichron Ya'acov
The Old Water Tower - Worth Noting
Sounds of a Harp
Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens
The First Aliyah Museum
On the Side – Tut Neyar Paper Mill
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Zichron Ya'acov
Rehov Hameyasdim - Zichron Ya'acov's Main Street The year was 1882. High atop Carmel Mountain, 100 Romanian pioneers purchased a tract of land in a place known in Arabic as Zammarin. They were members of the Hovevei Zion movement and they dreamed of working and living off the land. However, they were inexperienced, conditions were hard and the soil was rocky.
The Old Water Tower - Worth Noting
Binyamin's Pool

The Old Water Tower As you walk down the main street, Rehov Hameyasdim, be on the lookout for a beautiful old building whose façade resembles that of an ancient synagogue
Sounds of a Harp
Adina Haroz If you visit Zichron Ya’acov on a Friday (and it’s well worth planning it that way) – you can attend an afternoon harp concert by Adina Haroz, at Inbalim.
Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens
The Cascade Garden - Dragon Trees The Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens are nestled on a slope, on the road that leads from Zichron Ya’acov to Binyamina. The gardens and nature reserve are a real jewel sprawled over roughly 1,100 acres – 20 of which are the memorial gardens.
The First Aliyah Museum

The rest of the world came to recognize and associate the founding of the Jewish homeland with those who came in the Second Aliyah. However, the immigrants of the First Aliyah really made what came later, possible. These anonymous pioneers came to the Land of Israel between 1882-1904.

On the Side – Tut Neyar Paper Mill
Make Your Own Paper or Buy it Ready Made

Tut Neyar is the Hebrew name of a Mulberry plant paper. Izhar and Timna Neumann make striking paper at their establishment, Tut Neyar. This is not your ordinary paper mill but a small work/shop.
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Zichron Ya'acov

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