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April 2001  
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An Introduction to Bauhaus Architecture
A Patchwork of Neighborhoods
Bauhaus in Tel Aviv
Bauhaus Tours
On th Side - Rest & Refreshment
Finding Your Way around Tel Aviv
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Whether you call it Bauhaus or International Style architecture, Tel Aviv is still the only city in the world that houses such a large collection of buildings designed in this style. It evolved in Germany in the 1920's, came to an abrupt end (in Germany) with the Nazi's rise to power and continued to develop in the U.S. and elsewhere. In Tel Aviv of the 1930's, Bauhaus architecture flourished, as is evidenced by many of the wonderful buildings that line the city's streets. Since the initial publication of this issue, the "White City of Tel Aviv" has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

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An Introduction to Bauhaus Architecture
by Yael Zisling
17 Emil Zola Street

There are those who describe Tel Aviv as a drab, gray city of concrete. However, if you look beyond the worn buildings’ façade you will encounter the largest collection of buildings whose architectural roots can be traced to the Bauhaus architecture of Germany. It is perhaps ironic that Tel-Aviv houses the largest number of buildings designed in an architectural style that developed in pre-Nazi Germany, a style that came to an abrupt end in Germany, with the Nazi’s rise to power. This architectural style is so prevalent in Tel Aviv that it almost seems as though it were a local style, but it is not.

A Patchwork of Neighborhoods
by Yael Zisling
21 Melchett Street

Tel Aviv was designed as a suburban alternative to Jaffa. It was established in 1909, and by 1921, had its own city council. In 1934, it became an independent municipality.

Bauhaus in Tel Aviv
by Yael Zisling
71 Rothschild Boulevard

Tel Aviv has the largest collection of buildings built in the International Style, anywhere in the world. Bauhaus architecture flourished in Tel Aviv (as elsewhere in the country) in the 1930’s due in great part to the fact that 17 former Bauhaus students, worked locally as architects.

Bauhaus Tours
49 Ahad Haam Street, architect Zachi Shlush

Since we originally published this issue, many of you have written inquiring about the Bauhaus walking tours. We offer private tours, for small groups of up to 5 people or for larger groups. We now also offer the Bauhaus tour as part of our 3-Day Israel World Heritage Tour.

On the Side - Rest & Refreshment

From its name, Café Noir – one might envision a small, smoke-filled coffee house. While escaping smoke is nearly impossible in Israel, (where it seems everyone smokes), in reality, this is a restaurant that offers appetizing meals and a welcome respite after walking in the area to view Bauhaus buildings.

Finding Your Way around Tel Aviv
A Recently Restored Building in Dizengoff Circle Although Tel Aviv was not really built as a planned city, but rather had neighborhoods added in what often seem haphazard patches, it is still possible to easily get around the city – if you know the basics (as outlined in Geddes’ plan).
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