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Judges of the Jezreel Valley

All tours require prior registration. Unless otherwise indicated,
tours are conducted in English (and exclude entrance fees).

Find out more about the types of tours we offer.

Judges of the Jezreel Valley - (2-2 1/2 hours) Driving & Walking

Available as a private tour for up to five people or for larger groups,
contact us for details.

This tour affords a wonderful combination of biblical history
and the great outdoors.

Revisit the books of Judges as we examine the great biblical
figures of the Jezreel Valley before there were kings of Israel.
The tour will begin at the summit of Mount Tabor with its
breathtaking view. On a clear day you can see from Mount Hermon
to Netanya. Deborah, "the mother of Israel" (Judges 5:7), a judge and
prophetess gathered an Israelite army here to do battle with the
Canaanite king Jabin. The battle took place "by the waters
of Megiddo" (5:19).

From Givat HaMoreh, you'll get a great view at the Jezreel Valley
and the Gilboa Mountains. The Judge Gideon ambushed the
Midianites in the valley just to the north and from here you will
see all of the valley's borders from Samaria and the Gilboa to
the south, the Jordan Valley to the east, the Galilee to the north
and the Carmel and Ramat Menashe to the east. Looking at the
base of the Gilboa we can see the area where Gideon chose his men
before the battle. You'll take a short walk among the wildflowers.

On the way to the Megiddo forest your guide will take you through
the city of Afula, possibly Gideon's hometown of Ophrah. Some ruins
of the Canaanite and Israelite periods have been excavated in Afula.

The tour will end at the southeastern end of the Jezreel Valley and
at the mouth of the ancient Ara mountain pass. Here you will
enter the forest on the border of the Menashe Hills and (by foot)
descend a gentle, flower covered slope, until you reach a the
gushing, sweet water Springs of Kaini just one kilometer south
of Tel Megiddo. This may be the site of Barak's battle against
Sisera the Philistine general, that took place by "the waters of Megiddo".
This is a wonderful place for a picnic so be sure to pack a lunch!

Level of Difficulty: Really Easy Walking & Driving

Suitability: Great for the entire family young and old alike. No entrance fees.

Comments: This tour is designed who plan on renting a car (the guide will meet you at a predetermined point).

Register Now!

Optional Additional Track at the end of the First Track: Tel Megiddo

Perhaps the first city known to humankind, this Canaanite city
was a center for idol worship and pagan sacrifices. Every tradesman,
warrior or king traveling between the ancient empires of Egypt and
Mesopotamia stopped here to rest, eat, trade or conquer. It was destroyed
by Joshua, rebuilt by King Solomon and inhabited by royalty. The city had
20 different civilizations living there over millennia. You will explore
Canaanite temples, Egyptian garrisons, Israelite homes, stables for the
king's horses, towering fortifications, ancient water systems and a biblical
gate while hearing fascinating tales on your final stop at one of King Solomon's
strongholds in the Jezreel Valley.

We are also in the process of developing numerous other specialized tours.
If you don't see what you want, just ask us.

Register Now!
(please indicate number of people and possible dates).

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