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Maps of Israel

Gems in Israel's Talking Maps allow you to hear the correct Hebrew pronunciation of various places in Israel. If your computer has a sound card and speakers, please make sure the volume is turned on. Then, simply place your cursor on the name you want to hear. When the cursor changes and appears as a 'hand' click to hear the pronunciation.

Map of Israel Talking Map

Acco (Acre) Map Talking Map

Ein Harod Meuchad Map Talking Map

Old Gesher Map Talking Map

Nitzanim Beach Map Talking Map

The Pioneers

Rehovot Map Talking Map

Tefen Map Talking Map

Zichron Ya'acov Map Talking Map

Talmei Elazar Map 

Printable Map of Gilboa Area

Maps from Other Sources

How Big is Israel? - IRIS Israel Comparison Maps

Collection of Maps of Israel - University of Texas

A Variety of Maps from the Jewish Virtual Library

Land of Israel in the 1st Century CE

The Arab Israeli Conflict in Maps - Jewish Agency Maps

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