Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems.
Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems. 

Israel Tour Guides



The following is a partial listing of the tour guides* that conduct the tours we offer:


* All our tour guides are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.


YOHAY AVRAHAMI has been a tour guide since 1992. He guides individuals, families and groups. He also has a B.A. in Land of Israel Studies from Bar Ilan University. Yohay had the uniquely Israeli experience of being raised on a kibbutz, a son to two of its founders. His past includes work in Jewish Youth Camps, both in France and in the United States. In addition he is a Scouts Counselor. He has traveled extensively in Scandinavia and South America. Yohay guides in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.


EREZ COHEN loves sharing his love for his country with visitors from all over the world, from every walk of life. Growing up in the Israeli scouts and during his time as a soldier in the IDF Armored Corps, he developed a keen interest in Middle East geopolitics, and a fascination with Israel's religious and ethnic minorities and ideological complexities, a topic he studied in depth at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Erez is deeply committed to understanding the needs of every tourist, having worked for a number of years as a concierge at the prestigious King David Hotel in Jerusalem, attending to the needs and demands of some of the most important and high profile VIP guests. An avid photographer, 31-year-old Erez has worked as a photojournalist for a range of news outlets, covering conflicts in the south of the country. He is a volunteer in the Israel Police and enjoys off-road cycling throughout Israel's magnificent landscapes. Erez is keen to show off Israel with all its natural beauty and diversity to visitors eager for an insider's connection to, and perspective of, the country.


NAFTALI COHEN was born in Petach Tikva to one of the founders' families. He is 10th generation in the Holy Land. Naftali joined the Israeli Army in 1970 as a paratrooper and after a year and a half started guiding Studies of Israel to elite units, focusing on the footsteps of the Patriarchs, Prophets and Warriors throughout history. During 1972 - 1973 he studied to become a Tour Guide. He spent 5 years in the United States, where he attended a special study program in alternative medicine and specialized in reflexology. Since 1980 Naftali has been working as a fulltime tour guide, guiding both families and groups. He specializes in Israel's history, archeology, and the Bible. He is married and has three children.


BARUCH FRANK was born in Minneapolis MN, and made Aliyah to kibbutz Ein Harod with his parents when he was eight years old. Prior to completing his BSc. in Mechanical Engineering he traveled to South America for a year to experience the culture. For the past 13 years (after retiring from 19 years in the IDF at the rank of Lt.Col.), and completing his studies to become a licensed tour guide he has been guiding all over Israel. He specializes in nature treks, mountain bicycling & off road tours for both Jewish & non Jewish tourists. Baruch guides in English and Hebrew. His clients include: AIS in Kfar Shmaryahu, the March of Living, IDF units and more. Baruch owns and guides with his Volkswagen Multivan.


JUDY STACEY GOLDMAN was born in Montreal and has lived in Israel, where she is a professional tour guide and travel writer, for 30 years. She has coauthored three books on culinary and off-the-beaten-track subjects in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Judy contributes several sections of Fodor's Guide to Israel. Her guiding expertise covers the country as well as specialized walking tours in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, where she lives.


SHLOMIT GROSS is a native Tel Avivian. She completed her studies in Geography and Land of Israel Studies at the University of Haifa and then went on to become a licensed tour guide. She guides in English, German and Hebrew and specializes in Israel's UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Acco, Tel Aviv's Bauhaus architecture and Massada).


ZVI HARPAZ was born in 1965 in Israel. At age 10 he travelled with his parents to Chile for two years followed by three years in Guatemala and three years in the US. Following graduation from high school he returned to Israel on his own and joined the Israeli Air Force. While in the service he studied Studies of Israel at Beit Berl College and upon getting his certification as a guide in 1989 started working as a tour guide. In addition to guiding he is also a commercial pilot for both helicopters and planes and takes his clients on sightseeing flights as well as special ferry flights, air ambulance and photo flights. He presently guides in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and is currently learning Chinese. Zvi owns a touring vehicle for up to 7 passengers and works with individuals, groups, pilgrims, business people and families that want to tour throughout Israel. Among his clients are many heads of state (President Clinton, Presidents of Chile, Guatemala, Argentina, European Union, King of Spain, King of Tonga and many others), For 4 years he was the chief guide of the 6th Fleet, and partook in the guiding and organizing of the visit of Pope John Paul II in March 2000, Zvi is the exclusive guide of the Spanish Soccer Federation for everything that happens in Israel.


INON HEDVATI is a certified Sabra guide, who has a uniquely Israeli experience of growing up on a Kibbutz. He was born and raised on Kibbutz Ein Shemer in Israel’s center. After completing high school, where his favorite subject was history, he served as a tank commander in the IDF. After spending some time working with Jewish summer camps in the US, he had his first experience with guiding, working as a house guide for the museum located on his Kibbutz. Inon continued to guide for the museum while he studied for his BA in Education from Beit Berl College, with an apprenticeship in Ecology and Agriculture as well as Land of Israel Studies. He then went on to gain certification as a tour guide form the Ministry of Tourism. He has been working as a Tour Guide ever since. He has since moved off the Kibbutz and now lives with his wife and two children on Moshav Maor - only a 10 minute drive from his Kibbutz. He is a terrific “all round” guide who is great with all ages.


CHANTAL KHAZAN was born in France to a traditional Jewish family. She lived in France until she finished her B. A. in English literature and American civilization. Chantal spent one year in London where part of her family lives. She moved to Israel in 1969 and studied at Tel Aviv University where she finished a Master in English and Education. She became a certified teacher and taught English in high school for 8 years. Chantal got married in Israel and decided to take the (guiding) course in order to learn about the country and eventually to become a tour guide. She has been guiding large groups as well as small parties since 1980, both in English and French.


MENASHE KHAZAN is Israeli -born. He studied political science in Paris and was part of the ministry of foreign affairs. Since finishing the guide's course he has been guiding political groups, U.J.A groups, family and Bar-Mitzvah tours since 1972.He has been guiding big groups as well as small parties both in English and French.


MICHAEL SAAR was born in Petah-Tikva as Michael Friedman to parents that escaped the Holocaust and spent then five years in British exile on the island of Mauritius. He joined the army in 1967 and became a Paratrooper. He is a father to four sons, all of whom served in the IDF. He was engaged in advertising in the “Yellow Pages” and then at a well known newspaper. After graduating as a tour guide he began to guide extensively in English and German, specializing in local Jewish History heritage and Christianity. His experience spans over 20 years. He presently guides (mainly families), in a 16-seater tour bus built for tourism, after guiding larger groups for many years. He also recently added a comfortable 5-seater sedan. Michael finds guiding in a unique place like Israel to be the most fun and rewarding occupation in the world.


TAL SEGAL is a 6th generation Sabra, has over 30 years of field experience as a licensed tour guide. He specializes in leading small groups on specialty tours, in his own van, to all parts of the country. Tal has walked the length and breadth of the country, including the famous Israel Trail. He has extensive experience guiding the young and the old, the Jew and the Christian. Tal lives out side of Tel Aviv with his wife and son.


JACOB SHARON grew up in Jerusalem, where he now lives with his family. He is married with 2 children, a boy and a girl. After his army service, he studied at the Hebrew University where he graduated in Hebrew literature and Jewish philosophy. He also took extra courses in archaeology and geology. In 1980 Jacob completed a 2 year tour guide course by the Ministry of Tourism. He has been a tourist guide since then. At first he conducted desert tours in the Sinai desert with 4 wheel drive vehicles. Since then he worked as a tour guide with families, and various groups both Jewish and pilgrims. He has also worked with special guests of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Army. Jacob’s main hobbies are photography and bird watching, and it adds to the value of the tours that he guides. He has a lot of patience for people and loves to answer every question.


DAFNA ZURIEL has a BA in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Haifa and a Masters from NYU in Computer Science. Her experience also includes teaching math and physics. In the past she served as Correlator between Chase Manhattan Bank, Israel Bonds and the Government of Israel. She also served as Vice President of PTR, which supplies materials to the Israel Railway. She is a tour guide by profession, but there is more to it than that: Dafna finds personal pleasure in sharing her body of knowledge with people who are curious about her country. Israel is special in a variety of spheres, but particularly in its centrality for the three main religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In her tours Dafna points out the links between the three religions in terms of history, culture and everyday life. Tours in Dafna's privately owned seven-seat tourist car are long remembered as a once-in-a-lifetime experience rather than yet another tour in a foreign country.

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