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Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems. 

Givat Hatachmoshet - the Song 

Every war has its songs. The following is one of the Six Day War's most well known songs. It tells the story of the battle that was fought on Ammunition Hill. You can listen to the song here.


by by Yair Rosenblum & Yoram TeharLev


It was the second morning of the war in Jerusalem. The darkness faded out in the east. We were deep in the battle over Givat Hatachmoshet. It was a fierce battle. The Jordanians were hard to crack.


It was a well-fortified bunker; in some stages of the battle, I had only four soldiers with me. We came up there with two companies.


I never knew where the others were because the radio was with Dudik, the commander was cut off from the beginning of the battle, at that moment I was sure that everyone was killed.


It was 2:30 at night when we came through the rocks to the fields of fire and mines of Givat Hatachmoshet. In front of fortified bunkers machine guns and cannons 100 and few guys in front

of Givat Hatachmoshet.


The pillar of dawn didn’t rise yet When all the company was already covered with blood But we were there on Givat Hatachmoshet.


Because of the fences and mines we left the medics behind and we ran with no senses to Givat Hatachmoshet.


We came down to the tunnels to the holes to the cracks and to the death in the trenches of Givat Hatachmoshet.


There were no questions those who went first, just fell you really needed a lot of luck on Givat Hatachmoshet.


Those who fell were dragged to the back so they wouldn’t disturb the others passing until the next one fell on Givat Hatachmoshet.


Maybe we were lions but if you wanted to live you should not have been on Givat Hatachmoshet.

We decided to blow up their bunker with the bazooka it made a few scratches on the concrete. We then decided to blow it up with explosives. The guy at the back would throw me the packs and I would put them at the entrance to their bunker. They had a system, first they would throw a grenade, then they shot a few shots and then they would rest, so between the grenades and the shots I ran and put explosives down. I had only four meters to move because there were Jordanians all over the place. I do not know why I got the medal of honor, all I wanted was to go home quietly.


Smoke covered the hill the sun was rising in the east we were only seven, going back to the city
from Givat Hatachmoshet.


And this is the story the story of trenches and bunkers the story of our brothers the men who remained twenty years old at Givat Hatachmoshet.



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