Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems.
Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems. 

A Beach In Memory of a General 

Dado Beach - Haifa

by Yael Adar


This beach is named in memory of David (Dado), Elazar who was Chief of Staff during the Yom Kippur War.


The post-war Agranat Commission recommended Elazar's dismissal and absolved both the Minister of Defense and Prime Minister (Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir,respectively) of responsibility.


Ultimately, both Elazar and the government resigned. After the government's resignation, Yitzhak Rabin formed the seventeenth government, on June 3,1974.


The beach is located just across from the new Hof HaCarmel train station and features a promenade, a number of restaurants with seating outdoors (which can be great even on a warm winter day) and a playground area. 


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