Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems.
Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems. 

Land of Israel Landscapes Park

Eretz Israel Museum - Tel Aviv

by Yael Adar


This is an oasis at the northern entrance to Tel Aviv. Not only is it a wonderful setting for an event, but one that lends itself to being both an enjoyable setting and an educational one (if one so chooses). Evening events here are particularly special.


This garden/park has a wide variety of plants that are indigenous to Israel. Located on the grounds of the Eretz Israel Museum, (also known as the Haaretz Museum) the park features a reconstructed olive oil press plant to crush olives and produce oil (using ancient methods), a reconstructed water-powered flour mill and the Garden of Jotham's Parable. The olive press plant is a small quaint building that can be a great place to serve dessert and will surely add that extra touch of atmosphere.


The museum has numerous pavilions covering a wide variety of interests and it is possible to have the museum accessible after hours for you and your guests. The Ethnography and Folklore Pavilion focuses on three main themes, The Cycle of Life, The Torah Scroll and its Decorations, and Yearly Cycle of Jewish Holy Days. Other pavilions include: Numismatics Pavilion (featuring a large coin collection), a Ceramics Pavilion specializing in ancient pottery, Nechushtan Pavilion, dedicated to the ancient metal working of Timna. The "Man and His Work" Center focuses on researching traditional material culture of the Land of Israel before the beginning of modern industrialization.


Mosaic Square displays mosaic floors from ancient houses of prayer: the Samaritan synagogue unearthed here, the synagogue at Tiberias and the church at Suhmata in the Galilee. It also features a mosaic from a villa at Beit Guvrin and a Muslim place of worship from Ramla. A large winepress, excavated here is displayed in situ together with other archaeological finds from other locations.


Located on the grounds of the museum is one of the most ancient sites excavated in the Tel Aviv area - Tell Qasile – a 3,000 year old city, established by the Philistines and apparently destroyed by fire in the tenth century by King David’s forces. One of the important finds of Tell Qasile is a Philistine cultic center. Guided tours of Tell Qasile may be arranged by request.


The park /museum is located in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Tel Aviv at 2 Levanon (University) Street.







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