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Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems. 

My Family’s Story - Competition for B'nai Mitzvot

by Yael Adar


The Professor Yitzhak Halbrecht Family Tree Competition for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Students was established to help students aged 11-14 research their family’s roots in depth and enable them to add their family to the database at the Jewish Genealogy Center. The competition is open to Jewish schools worldwide and is held annually by the Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy Center of Beth Hatefusoth (Museum of the Jewish Diaspora).


Students are required to include information detailing:
* Family members’ names, birth dates, places of birth, marriage and death.
* Interviews with family members.
* Countries of origin and country specific history
* Photographs, migration maps and other documents
* Information about family experiences, traditions, holidays, and recipes


According to Martha Mazo, Project Coordinator, works are judged based on: Originality and esthetic presentation, the time and effort spent on researching the project and how the history of the Jewish people is reflected in the individual family’s story. Mazo also noted that realizing the importance of some documents, submission of copies is allowed.


Each of the submitted works should clearly feature (at the beginning): the student‘s full name, class, name and address of the school (including country), email address of the school and/or telephone and fax number.


Teachers are asked to submit the three or four best works, in their class with a $30 non-refundable registration-fee (per school) and a registration form to (see link below):


Family Tree Competition/Genealogy Center
Beth Hatefusoth
P.O. Box 39359
Tel Aviv 61392


The fee includes one copy of the Ilanot Genealogy software and online support. 


Entrees should be mailed via diplomatic mail, registered airmail or delivered by hand to Beth Hatefutsoth. Mazo says the deadline for this year’s competition is April 30, 2000.

Each year three prizes each are awarded to the best works from Israel and from abroad. The panel of judges includes people from the Israeli Ministry of Education and Beth Hatefusoth.

For more information:


TEL 03/646-2062 

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