Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems.
Specializing in Private Tours of Israel and Israel's Lesser Known Tourist Attractions, the Gems. 

Abu Gosh 

Village of Abu Gosh and its Restaurants

by Gil Gertel and Noam Even 


A number of the sites mentioned in this section are located around the village of Abu Gosh. Notre Dame Arche De’Alliance is in the village itself and the Zvi Monument, and the Military Cemetery at Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim are both only a short ride from the village center. By the time you finish visiting these sites, you will most likely be ready for something to eat. If possible, visit here during the week. On weekends, local tourists crowd the village and its surroundings.


The Arab village of Abu Gosh was established in 1520. It is named after the Abu Gosh family and almost all the villagers are their descendents. Originally, the people were probably Caucasians who came from the mountains of the Caucasus. The villagers are well known for the friendly, close relationship they have with their neighboring Jewish inhabitants. For many generations the village has provided a stopover for pilgrims and travelers on their way to Jerusalem, and it was at this site they paid a toll fee for their transit.


After Shoeva Junction, the modern road to Jerusalem passes a high ramp that bridges the mountains. Drive along part of the old road, which cuts through the Arab village of Abu Gosh. To do this you have to turn left (northwards) according to the signpost.


Along the length of this road, there are a number of Middle Eastern restaurants, that feature Houmus and Tehina, stuffed vegetables, and charcoal-grilled meats.


The first restaurant is at the gas station about 300 yards (meters) after leaving the highway. The owners of the place are sworn Elvis Presley fans. His photographs decorate all the walls of the restaurant and two statues of the singer are placed near the entrance.


Many Israeli notables have been and still are welcomed at The Lebanese Restaurant (Hamisada Halevanonit) which is the last restaurant situated at the end the village. It is built around an ancient mulberry tree. The restaurant’s clientele prefers dinning under the shade of its branches. The tree produces green fruit on one side and black fruit on the other. The polished stone table under the tree was a place for numerous discussions and agreements between many different people over the years, including Moshe Sharrett, Moshe Dayan and other dignitaries.




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